Fitted furniture 

Fitted wardrobes are the best solution if you need to use all the space on the side walls up to the ceiling, you can design them how ever is useful for you with as many shelves as you like and/or as many as hanger rail as you  need

or maybe few drawers here and there.

Kitchen are what we love to do

From design to build and to fit from workshop to your property  where ever in London you are 

We can alter  the cabinets to suit your kitchen area from width, depth and hight in base cabinets or wall cabinets  we can offer you any style  door we have more than 2000  colours to choose from on Doors or we match any colour .

Our wooden floorings and skirting are amazingly great in look and price

our real wood flooring are really real wood, not like some just glued 6mm of wood over the ply or some other materials our floorings are last the life time you can sand them and varnish them every few years they are 22mm thick.